Life in the 'nati

Posted by Mia (Cincinnati, United States) on 20 May 2007 in Cityscape & Urban.

It's been 3 years since I moved to Cincinnati - the second highest number of years I've stayed in a city... 5 still goes to Delhi. I've whined about it not having the best night life, it being the worst place for a young crowd, it having people not quite open-minded and agreeable as I'd experienced elsewhere... and God knows what. But it is somehow home for me, with the few but wonderful people I met here and where I have my family with me. You bet I cannot wait to graduate from college and get as far away as I possibly can... but by then, with 6 years in this city, I know it will (and it already has) have a meaning in my life - with its quite, lovely suburbs, engaging university campus, the fact that the city's geographic location allows you to go almost all over the country and of course, gorgeous places to go for photoshoots.

I think the 'nati is finally growing on me...


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