About Mia


A 19 year-old college student, studying in the US of A. Livin' and lovin' life, one moment at a time. And that includes procastinating and complaining about 8am classes and lab work.

When it comes to photography, I'm a self-taught amateur. The day I started my first photoblog on Blogger, I started viewing it as something more than a hobby but nothing less than an adventurous passion. At that point I hadn't even looked at my manual. Then a year or so back I joined Shutterchance, where I saw different styles, READ the manual and had my confidence boosted by learning from others and experimenting. Looking for something new, I even joined Blipfoto.com to showcase my better pictures. And now I'm here.

As all my shots go through little or no touch-up and from there on, I try to keep my hand steady, get the proper lighting, lots of creativity flowing & take a deep breath before clicking the next National Geographic material picture :-) (yeah right!)

I'll try to update and visit as often as my classes allow me to.

Thanks for visiting!