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Inés on Life in the 'nati
La ville vue sous un angle plus poétique, j'aime !

Yasuri on Due Tulips
Very lovely photo and,beautiful, details

Pinto on Life in the 'nati
Very nice city scape Mia.

PhotoSam on Life in the 'nati
gorgeous cityscape...

Inés on Life in the 'nati
Very nice contrast !

Dotun on Life in the 'nati
I like the silhoutte look of the buildng, nice shot.

Hamid Reza on Life in the 'nati
Mia, Im so glad that my little text got you to ask a question! I'm very happy to hear that. Mia, I have moved ...

Richard_Irwin on Life in the 'nati
Nice shot and nice words

paul on Life in the 'nati
Hey! It could be worse! You could be on the other side of the river ... in Kentucky! I grew up in Akron, OH ... I ...

jamsheed on Life in the 'nati
lovely shot....nice capture

Chris on Life in the 'nati
Captured at the right time Mia, fine cityscape. Regards, Chris

Moonnerboy on Life in the 'nati
nice light!

badala on Life in the 'nati
An elegant work on these silhouettes! Beautiful colors.

Reza on Life in the 'nati
Looks beautiful your city ! Very nice shot indeed.

Stunner on Life in the 'nati
Lovely shot of the city skyline.

riesgo on Life in the 'nati
wow, awesome view and place too!

Kay on Simplicity Entwined
Hi Mia, I've been to Ann Arbor's Botanical Garden, and I agree with's very beautiful there. ...

Hamid Reza on Yellow Perch
Mia, you can find me on here now too :). I like the fact that we can filter out nude photos and such. I like aminus so ...

Hamid Reza on Bright Yellow
Mia, you have kicked it into high gear with these flower shots. very nice.

Hamid Reza on Yellow Perch
Wonderful photo. Those bees are just amazing. Sometimes I wish I could just speak to the animals...what a blessing that ...

monika on Simplicity Entwined
Very interesting idea, nature in a bit abstract way... I like execution of this picture, great saturated colours.

Chris on Yellow Perch
Hi Mia, sounds like a good weekend. :)

jamsheed on Due Tulips
great closeup!!!.....nice details though a little bit darker...

jamsheed on Simplicity Entwined
interesting shot....nice lighting

jamsheed on Beautiful Day
i agree with you ....its really a beautiful day

jamsheed on Flower Power
great shot...wonderful composition

bodyNsoul on Due Tulips
Hey it is good to see a lot of shutterchancers visiting you here!!! Here I am too, although I am signing off with my ...

Ellie on Due Tulips
That's just beautiful Mia, wonderfully deep red tulips against that bright sky. Weather? It's very cold where ...

Iain on Due Tulips
Hi Mia, it's really nice. I like the crispness of the water drops! I know what you mean about unpredictable ...

Diya on Due Tulips
love the tenderness you captured here, very lovely shot Mia!

Ellen on Flower Power
i found your new blog!Its looking great. Really like this one and you should be proud of yourself too not just your ...

Laurie on Due Tulips
Very lovely photo. Love the droplets. Glad I found you at Am3!

Martin on Scattered Bloom
They just float on the black background. You have posted a lot of really good shots here recently.

Martin on Simplicity Entwined
Interesting perspective! This is a good idea, Mia!

Martin on Due Tulips
For some reason my internet connection dies every time I try to leave a comment. Maybe this time it will go through. ...

PhotoSam on Due Tulips
amazing, absolutely amazing...the detail, the colour everything...

Ellie on Due Tulips
That's nice, the dark red looks so brave against the stark and cold looking background

JV on Due Tulips
Beautiful, details of rain drops are amazing.

Reza on Due Tulips
Beautiful capture. I like the background and framing.

Dotun on Due Tulips
very nice, I love the frame.

Chris on Due Tulips
Has an abstract feel with the background & rain Mia, like it :)

Louis Kotzee on Due Tulips
Excellent picture of beautiful tulips.

Richard_Irwin on Due Tulips
I hope we don't get your weather, its been 80F in the UK over the weekend. Love your tulips, quite striking angle ...

Beckie on Due Tulips
Think I'd argue that point with you today as the East Coast is getting a Nor'easter. Here in my part of VA ...

badala on Due Tulips
Lovely capture!

Pinto on Due Tulips
Nice capture Mia. Love the perspective.

Suby and Sinem on Due Tulips
Lovely looking capture. Suby

Inès on Due Tulips
The weather in Belgium is like in summer time !!! really crazy ! Nice flowers for a nice shot !

+فرشاد مثبت+ FarshadPlus+ on Flower Power
very nice shot. like plate of flowers!

+فرشاد مثبت+ FarshadPlus+ on Scattered Bloom
how could u do that? that black back?

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